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About Tim Williams

I am a guitar maker and stringed instrument repairer, based in Gorran Haven, Cornwall. I have been building and repairing guitars for over 40 years, professionally in London and Bristol, followed by over 20 years in Devon and now Cornwall.

It all started at school, building a copy of a friend's electric guitar, followed by a couple more before taking the 3 year guitar making course at the London College of Furniture.

My interest is in making all types of acoustic guitar, classical, steel string and f hole jazz guitars. A particular specialism is a flat top, steel strung with a carved back, which I believe has a better sound projection.


I have been collecting suitable timber and tone woods whenever the opportunity has arisen. This enables me to build guitars at affordable prices.

Most recent projects have been a carved back steel string for an award winning busker in Sydney, an f hole jazz guitar for an experienced local musician and a cutaway steel string for Ralph McTell, whose insight has been very helpful.

I also repair all types of stringed instruments and have experience in fitting most types of pickup to acoustic guitars.

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