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The Process - making a guitar

What does a Tim Williams guitar or ukulele offer you,

and how much does one cost?


My guitars are hand made, individually, each is a project on its own. I try to build each instrument with a concept and intention of what I am trying to achieve. Some evolve from a totally original idea, like the fan cut front, which has its own strutting design which is not seen, but is completely unique.


How do I establish the price? The guitar market is very competitive, with the major brands using mass production techniques, cheap labour and powerful buying power for materials. The value of an instrument is affected more by who plays it, rather than who made it, which is used in aggressive marketing. This has had a huge effect on customer expectations of what they need to pay for an instrument and which instrument to choose. The individual maker has a difficult challenge to compete, which has resulted in my guitar making being a working hobby rather than a job.

I charge prices that cover the cost of my materials, workshop development and running costs, and give me some reward for my time and commitment. My driving force has always been the interest and enjoyment I get from building guitars and ukuleles.

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